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Wyoming fly fishing along the Upper North Platte River and Encampment River will be a fly fishing float trip you won’t forget!

The Upper North Platte rages with pristine Wyoming Blue Ribbon waters.  Your journey can begin as high as the Routt put-in – located on the edge of Colorado- or further down, as our trips follow the river all the way past I-80 .  Depending on the section you float, you can add  adventure to your journey by floating and fishing along the white water rapids as our guide takes you through the immaculate North Gate Canyon. Don’t be surprised if you encounter very few people along your float from Routt to Six Mile Gap – our favorite float – as we travel through the Platte River Wilderness, which is accessible only by foot or boat.

Float availability and locations are determined based on runoff and river water levels.  This is the headwaters of the North Platte River.

Upper North Platter River Access Points: 

Routt, Six Mile Gap, Prospect/Pickaroon, Bennett Peak, Treasure Island, Saratoga, Foote, Pick Bridge, Sangers, Eagles Nest, Ft. Steele (I-80), Dugway

Download the Upper North Platte River Float Map click here.

 Lower North Platte River Access Points:

Grey Reef, Lusby, Government Bridge, White Tail Landing, Chalk Bluffs, Seachrist, Bessemer Bend, Robertson Road.

Download the Lower North Platte River Float Map click here.

Encampment River



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